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Purple Pop
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  • Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Viskose
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Keep It Casual Slip

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03. Dezember 2023

Very good product. Highly recommend.

Größe: M
18. Januar 2024
Cute casual slip

I like the material it is made of and I feel sexy with it, the only issue is about the size: i am 5.24, and it kinda of shows my butt, which is not a big deal with my boyfriend around, but I wouldnt recommend if you have other person than your partner around.

Isadora Fernanda
Größe: S
08. November 2023
True to size

Fit exactly as the size chart suggested, I just would have preferred it to cover my butt (I assumed that at 5'2 it would be a little longer on me but it was still very short) but it was still really comfortable.

Größe: XS
02. Dezember 2022
Perfect slip

I am the owner of many many slips. This one right here is a must!! The straps are adjustable so you can customize the top. It is very very soft with the prettiest purple color. The pointelle design gives it a subtle sexiness. It also has a flattering cut. It's goes with your waist and hips instead of being boxy. I love it!!

Größe: M
12. Dezember 2022
In love

Dang this is soft and comfy like crazy, but it is pretty short, and you can see my butt, which is fine because I'll wear it in the house. You really should get this if you want to wear something loose yet comfy!

Größe: L