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Dreamy Blue
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Savage X Cotton Jersey Crop Top

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09. November 2019
Comfortable crop top

So I am new to crop tops they aren't my thing and I've shyed away for reasons buy the way this is styled is so cute! Love the low back to this and it is breathable and comfortable I think this would look great as everyday wear also with the right pair of ??. The little logo detailing is cute also.

Größe: XS
07. November 2019

I would wear this as a normal crop top of it was a little thicker! I love this!

Größe: 2XL
27. Oktober 2023


Größe: M
10. November 2019
Red Queen

I have to admit once I saw Rihanna in it I had to get it no questions asked. I wanted the full set to wear in the house and out in the streets with a pair of black heels. I am a 34G and I got a medium and it fit very well. I did not want to get a large cause I feared it would be big in my arms so I'm glad I got the medium. It is a little too crop for my taste because I feel if I was to move or lift my arms up it will show my bra. I tried it on without a bra and my boobs looked great in the shirt and I was shocked. My girls are heavy and saggy but the top made them look perky and full which is what I like. The back was just low enough not to show my back fat. Rihanna can do no wrong.

Größe: M
05. Oktober 2023

Cute and comfortable. I don't usually prefer to wear clothes to bed but this was so lightweight, I slept just fine!

Größe: XL